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Scheduled to be held on January 13, 2024 | 1st CEC Symposium Student x Kyoto x Tourism Symposium “Towards tourism that is not just about seeing, but learning and enjoying: What students think about...

Cultural Edu-tourism Council (CEC) is a corporation Lulu Shokai was established on July 7th of this year as an organization to promote sustainable urban development by working with ambassadors and students, including exchange students, to solve issues facing cultural tourism policy through industry, government, and academia. Our mission is ``From sightseeing tourism to learning and enjoying tourism,'' and we are engaged in a wide range of activities from guiding to event planning. To commemorate the establishment of CEC, we are pleased to announce that

Students to solve social issues and promote sustainable urban development in industry, academia, and government × Kyoto × Tourism Symposium

“Tourism to learn and enjoy, not just see: Students think about the attractive Kyoto” This event will be held jointly with Kyoto Prefecture.


Event overview

Name  |Student x Kyoto x Tourism Symposium

“Tourism to learn and enjoy, not just see: What students think – Attractions What is Kyoto?”

Date and time|Opens at 13:00 on Saturday, January 13, 2024 Starts at 13:30 Closes at 17:00

Venue | Kyoto Prefectural Office Main Building Old Assembly Hall

Sponsored by |Cultural Edu-tourism Council< /p>

Co-sponsored |Kyoto Prefecture

Sponsored |Adjusting. Kyoto Prefectural Tourism Federation, Kyoto City, Kyoto Shimbun, αstation, KBS Kyoto

Sponsored |Under coordination H.I.S. Co., Ltd., Goldwin Co., Ltd.

Cooperation |Coordinating Kyoto Tourism Academy, Kyoto Living Shimbun, Japan Times, Sustainable Japan Magazine , node hotel, Ace hotel, "Kansai outing

Planning |Cultural Edu-tourism Council

Participation fee |Free (online advance reservation required) *Simultaneous online streaming available 1/13 Viewing Information

◆Viewing application form

-Contact: info@cec-kyoto.jpIf you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to contact us Please contact us.


Planning purpose

Attractive areas such as rich nature, historical buildings, traditional performing arts and crafts There are many cultural resources.

Kyoto. We would like to utilize these cultural resources, provide visitors with learning and experience opportunities, and disseminate Japanese culture to the world.

Kyoto's traditional culture and historical heritage are unique in each location, and are popular from both Japan and abroad. Many tourists visit. However, tourism should not only be about seeing things, but also about learning and having fun. In this symposium, Kyoto student ambassadors, including exchange students, will present their thoughts on what ``attractive Kyoto'' is.

Ambassadors are enrolled in universities and vocational schools in Kyoto, and are involved in the history and culture of Kyoto. We are working to re-examine modern Kyoto and rediscover its value from a variety of perspectives, including nature, food, industry, and innovation. In this symposium, we will introduce new attractions and possibilities of Kyoto based on the results of the research and interviews conducted by them, and we will interact and exchange opinions with the participants through discussions. This project aims to provide an opportunity to understand Kyoto more deeply, think of new ways to enjoy sightseeing in Kyoto, and discuss ideas for creating opportunities for tourists to become more involved with Kyoto.

Take a moment to think about the charm and future of Kyoto with the student ambassadors who are responsible for the future of Kyoto. This will be a great opportunity to increase interest in Kyoto's tourism, looking to the future, and transmitting and weaving history and culture to the world.

Program proposal

2. Greetings|Opening message: Kyoto Prefectural Governor Nishiwaki (tentative)< /p>

3. Introduction of sponsors, sponsors, and cooperating companies|Introduced on screen< /p>

4. Student pitch | 100 minutes Theme: "The charm and future of Kyoto from the perspective of students ” Kyoto Student Vision: Fascination and Adventure into the Unknown Co-Creation Competition 2024

Judge (draft)

Editor-in-Chief, Japan Times Sustainable Japan Magazine,

Mr. Yoshitaka / Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Fellow / Representative of Virtu Design General Incorporated Association, Nishimura Ms. Akemi/Director and Proprietor of Hiiragi Family *Feedback: We will receive comments from 2 people per group.

~15 minute break~

5. Relay talk (10 minutes x 3 to 5 people)< /p>

  Theme proposal "To weave Kyoto's perspectives from outside and from within into the future We will hear from people who have an outside perspective about the charms of Kyoto (Kyoto Prefecture) and its challenges as seen from the outside, and will help us identify the challenges and help solve them.

Speaker: Mr. Takaaki Umezawa/A.T. Carney Chairman of Japan Corporation Chairman of CIC Japan

Yu Aoki / Representative Director, MATCHA Co., Ltd.

                      Ido Tutnauer/Doshisha Innovation Community Co Founder & ex-President 

6. Student pitch competition results announcement (15 minutes)

  _11100000-000 0 -0000-0000-000000000111_Award Ceremony/Judge Comments 

7. General review/closing address Vice Governor Yamashita

8.Business card exchange event





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