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Recruitment of pitch student speakers / Deadline: December 26th / 1st CEC Symposium Student x Kyoto x Tourism Co-creation Competition 2024 “Towards tourism that is not just about seeing, but learni...

Kyoto Student Vision: Fascination and Adventure into the Unknown Co-Creation Competition 2024 ” A student challenge set in Kyoto Prefecture. Enjoy free thinking and draw your own sightseeing route!


Held on Saturday, January 13, 2024 ・Kyoto Prefectural Office Main Building Former Assembly Hall (Kyoto Prefectural Office A pitch competition for students will be held during the symposium held at the University of Tokyo.

The theme is "Students x Kyoto x Sightseeing" and "Kyoto prefecture area" that only you can think of. Please plan a sightseeing tour! The examination will be conducted by tourism professionals who are active in various fields! We are looking forward to ideas unique to students that will help solve Kyoto's problems, introduce new attractions, and lead to deep learning! Let's create a new Kyoto tourism together! !


Event overview

Date and time | Saturday, January 13, 2024 Doors open at 13:00 13:30 Start 17:00 Closing

Venue |Kyoto Prefectural Office Main Building Former Assembly Hall (inside Kyoto Prefectural Office)

Sponsored by |Cultural Edu-tourism Council< /p>

Co-sponsored by |Kyoto Prefecture

Sponsored |Adjusting. Kyoto Prefectural Tourism Federation, Kyoto City, Kyoto Shimbun, αstation, KBS Kyoto

Sponsored |Under coordination H.I.S. Co., Ltd., Goldwin Co., Ltd.

Cooperation |Coordinating Kyoto Tourism Academy, Kyoto Living Shimbun, Japan Times, Sustainable Japan Magazine , node hotel, Ace hotel, "Kansai outing

Planning |Cultural Edu-tourism Council

Participation fee |Free (online advance reservation required) *Simultaneous online distribution available


・About awards:

  Awesome We have various awards and supplementary prizes available on the pitch!

CEC Award: Evaluation from 5 points of view and 5 levels.

The winning group will receive a "wonderful experience in Kyoto."

 Special award: Unique pitch We also offer many special prizes and supplementary prizes for groups.

 ・About application:

Students (university/graduate school) who want to solve various problems in Kyoto Prefecture through "tourism"・Junior colleges, technical colleges, vocational schools) are eligible.

You can enter as an individual or in groups of 2 to 4 people.

・How to apply: Proceed to fill out the form using the QR code and enter.

CEC will provide detailed information about the competition to the registered contact information. .

◆Pitch application form

・Form entry deadline & pitch material submission deadline:12 /26

-Contact: info@cec-kyoto.jpIf you have any questions about the competition If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

◆Viewing application form

◆Judging criteria 〇5 points of view, 5 levels of evaluation

1. Originality (20%)

・Unexplored level: Unlike the market and existing sightseeing tours, opens up new territory Are you there?

・Uniqueness of the idea: The uniqueness of the tourist route and activity do you have

・Innovative: Are you using new technologies and methods to evolve and innovate your tour? .


2.Feasibility (20%)

・Approach to the problem: Do you have a specific approach to solving the problem?

 ・Feasibility: Actually executable Yes, and are schedules and resources considered?

3. Social significance (20%)

・Planning idea: The idea and message put into it will convey social value and significance. Do you have it?

・Social contribution: What kind of contribution do you make to society and the environment?

 4.Effect on area (20%)< /span>

 ・Regional cooperation level: Cooperation with local communities Is there a clear indication of collaboration?

 ・Regional promotion level: Regional development and tourist destination How much can we contribute to the revitalization of

 5.Experiential value for participants (20% )

・Overall satisfaction: How satisfying is the experience provided to participants? .

 ・Intellectual satisfaction: Participants The depth of learning that can be gained through

 ・Dynamic satisfaction: The mind and body Are there any activities that you can do?


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