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Seasonal Japanese confectionery making experience at the long-established Japanese confectionery shop, Oimatsu Arashiyama

Plan Details

After an introduction to the history and background of Kyoto's confectionery, visitors will make their own confectionery.

Feel the history and seasonality of Kyoto through making sweets.

Set Dates

Same as business days of Oimatsu Arashiyama branch. (For irregular holidays, please enquire).

Plan Price (per person)

Please contact us

What's included

Japanese sweets making experience

Staff who can provide support when non-Japanese language skills are required

Course Details

(1) Reception at Oimatsu(2) Explanation of the history and background of Kyoto confectionery (3) Wagashi making experience (4) Matcha green tea and tasting of the wagashi made (total approx. 1.5 hours).

Meeting Place & Time

Arashiyama station (Hankyu line)

Google MAP

Time: 10:00/13:30 (approx. 1 hr 30 mins each) Selectable.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the event time.

Time Required

1.5 hours

Min. # of Participants per Party

1 person

Min. # of Participants

4 people

Max. # of Participants

12 people

Supported Languages


・Interpretation available on prior request (schedule to be confirmed).

English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Hebrew, German, Spanish, French, Filipino, Thai

Necessary when making a reservation

(1) Date of implementation

(2) Desired time

(3) Participant's name

(4) Contact details

Closing Date

7 days before 18:00, enquiries required

Cancellation Fees

Free cancellation within 72 hours

From 3 days prior to the day before the experience date to the day before: 20%, on the day of the experience: 50%.

No-show or after the start of the trip: 100%.

Other (Notes)

Please bring an apron and any other necessary items.

Wheat is included as part of the raw material for fresh confectionery 'White Namian red bean paste with wheat flour added and steamed'. 

Also, some of the dried confectionery for the general public may contain soya.

Please contact us in advance so that we can prepare other ingredients for those with allergies.

*To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, for the time being the maximum number of customers will be limited to 12, and thorough hand sanitisation, temperature measurement at the shop entrance and ventilation will be implemented.

We would appreciate your understanding.

Photo gallery

#1 About Yushoku Confectionery Gochoshinsho Oimatsu Oimatsu is a Japanese confectionery shop founded in 1908 in Kamishichiken, Kyoto's oldest red-light district. The family of the head of the family descends from the lineage of court ritual officials in the Heian period, and since ancient times they have been making sweets for rituals and liturgies, as well as sweets for tea ceremonies, based on the tradition of yushoku that has been handed down in the imperial court. I'm here. Sweets are communication tools that mediate between people. We will convey the history and culture of Kyoto through Kyoto's confectionery culture, an intangible cultural heritage that connects Kyoto.

#2 Content
After talking about the history and background of Kyoto sweets, you will actually make them. Enjoy the history and seasons of Kyoto through making sweets. Wheat is included in some of the raw materials for fresh confectionery called ``Kashiwa''. Additionally, some of the dried confectionery available to general customers may contain soybeans. If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance so we can prepare other ingredients.
*As an effort to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we will limit the number of people to 12 for the time being, thoroughly disinfect our hands, measure body temperature at the store entrance, and strengthen ventilation. Thank you for your understanding.

#3 Making 3 fresh sweets and dried sweets
The type of dried sweets is up to you.
Sweets can be enjoyed with matcha.
You can take the remaining sweets home with you.
*The design of the confectionery varies depending on the season.




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