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Special night visit: Zen meditation and matcha tea experience at Myoshinji Temple's Keishunin temple while looking out at four gardens designated as nationally designated historic sites and scenic spots

Plan Details

Description of project Special night-time visit plan at Keishun-in, the pagoda of Myoshin-ji Temple in Kyoto. Take this opportunity to see the four gardens, designated as national historic sites and places of scenic beauty, lit by lights and illuminated by the fantastic gardens to your heart's content. You will also be guided on a tour of the hidden teahouse "Keshakuan" and the sliding door paintings by Kano Sansetsu, where you can experience the history and culture of Keishun-in. In addition, you can also enjoy Zen meditation, powdered green tea and Japanese confectionery with Yasumasa Anrakujima, Deputy Priest of Keishun-in. Enjoy a special evening that will refresh your body and mind.

Set Dates

Every day from 20 Jan 2024 - 20 Dec 2025 *This event will be held again in the following year. Enquiries required.

Plan Price (per person)

Please contact us

What's included

Matcha green tea, Japanese sweets, Zen experience and (if multilingual, multilingual guide)

Course Details

17:00 Tour of Keishunin 30 mins 

17:30 Zen meditation instruction and practice 40 mins approx. 

18:10 Matcha tea and wagashi making 20 mins

Meeting Place & Time

Myoshin-ji temple pagoda Keishunin (11 Hanazono Teranonaka-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)

Google MAP

5am to 6am, can be arranged; please arrive 10 minutes before departure time.

Time Required

1.5 hours

Min. # of Participants per Party

1 person

Min. # of Participants

5 persons

Max. # of Participants

20 persons

Supported Languages


・Interpretation available on prior request (schedule to be confirmed).

English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Hebrew, German, Spanish, French, Filipino, Thai

Necessary when making a reservation

(1) Date of implementation

(2) Desired time

(3) Participant's name

(4) Contact details

Closing Date

7 days before 18:00, enquiries required

Cancellation Fees

Free cancellation within 72 hours

From 3 days prior to the day before the experience date to the day before: 20%, on the day of the experience: 50%.

No-show or after the start of the trip: 100%.

Other (Notes)

This tour is intended for primary schools students and above.

Please apply for each guest under junior high school age accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Photo gallery

#1 National Historic Site and Scenic Garden

#2 Keishun-in Zazen meditation experience with Deputy Chief Priest Yasumasa Arashima

#3 Kano Sansetsu brush painting on fusuma “Golden green pine crescent”

#4 Matcha and Japanese sweets

#5 Myoshinji Temple Keishunin Entrance

#6 Shojin ryori plans are also available.

#7 Played on three wind instruments: hosho, hichiriki, and ryuteki.


#8 Garden/Autumn leaves


#9 Garden/summer deep green





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