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Ikkyu, the reason for Tonchi (pontificating), is in nature.
KyotoKyotanabe city

Plan Details

This tour takes you on a walking tour to Ikkyu-dera Temple in Kyotanabe, Kyoto. This tour is a leisurely walk to Ikkyu-ji Temple with a view of the cherry blossom trees and the famous local coffee, and a view of the Ikkyu-ji garden and learn about the history of Ikkyu-san, who is well known to anyone who grew up in Japan.

Set Dates

Late Feb - mid-Mar 2024.

Plan Price (per person)

Please contact us

What's included

Ikkyu-ji temple entrance fee Tour fee,・Foreign language staff (schedule to be confirmed).

Meeting Place & Time

JR Kyotanabe Station

Google MAP

Start time: 14:00 Please arrive 10 minutes before the start time.

Course Details

Meet: 14:00JR Kyotanabe Station = Walk = Ikkyu-san Tonchi Road walk = Walk = Coffee at Café Savoloso 

= Walk = Ikkyu-ji Temple walk and visit: disband16:30 Ikkyu-ji Temple

Time Required

2 hours 30 mins

Min. # of Participants per Party


Min. # of Participants


Max. # of Participants


Supported Languages


・Interpretation available on prior request (schedule to be confirmed).

English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Hebrew, German, Spanish, French, Filipino, Thai

Necessary when making a reservation

(1) Date of implementation

(2) Desired time

(3) Participant's name

(4) Contact details

Closing Date

7 days before 18:00, enquiries required

Cancellation Fees

Free cancellation within 72 hours

From 3 days prior to the day before the experience date to the day before: 20%, on the day of the experience: 50%.

No-show or after the start of the trip: 100%.

Other (Notes)

This tour is intended for primary school students and above. Each guest under junior highschool age must be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Please take care not to disturb other pedestrians by spreading out and walking. 

The event will be held rain or shine. The event will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather, such as when warnings or advisories are issued.

 In the event of cancellation, we will inform you by 8pm the night before the start time. 

Please wear comfortable walking clothes and shoes. No parking is available. Please come by public transport.

Photo gallery

#1 Meeting point / JR Kyotanabe Station
Meet at JR Kyotanabe Station. Follow the path lined with cherry blossom trees called "Ikkyu-san Tonchi Road'' promoted by Kyotanabe City and walk to Ikkyu-ji Temple.

#2 Sakura
Admire the cherry blossoms along the path lined with cherry blossom trees. At the same time, the tour will incorporate the history of the Iga Crossing, which is recommended by the Kyotanabe Tourism Association.

#3 Ikkyu-san Tonchi Road
I stopped by the locally famous Cafe Saboroso on the way to Ikkyu-san Tonchi Road and bought a take-out coffee.

#4 Ikkyu-ji Temple
Arrive at Ikkyu-ji Temple and admire the cherry blossoms on the grounds. Here, Ikkyu-san's Tonchi story and the background behind the construction of Ikkyu-ji Temple will be explained.

#5 Ikkyuji Temple
Visit Ikkyu-ji Temple and eat Ikkyuji Natto while looking out at the garden. Here I would like to talk about Ikkyu-ji Temple's Ni-no-Shoji. After the explanation, each person had 30 minutes to explore freely before disbanding.



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