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Kenninji temple visit tour - a taste of Japanese art at the oldest Zen temple in Japan - enjoy the atmosphere of Gion and taste Chinese food at a teahouse associated with Junichiro Tanizaki.

Plan Details

This tour starts at Keihan Shijo Station, takes you around the streets of Hanamikoji, and after enjoying Kyoto's oldest Zen temple Kenninji to your heart's content, you will enjoy a Chinese lunch at the teahouse Ohnui (now Taotei), which is associated with Junichiro Tanizaki. The tour includes a guided tour of the Shion-tei Garden, designated as an Important Cultural Property, as well as powerful Japanese paintings from the Edo period, such as Wind and Thunder Gods and Twin Dragons, with commentary. Please enjoy Kenninji Temple, which becomes more interesting the more you know about it.

Set Dates 

6 January 2024 to 27 December 2025.

Plan Price

please require

What's included

Kenninji temple entrance fee / Taotei lunch

Course Details

Meet: 10:00 Keihan 'Gion Shijo' = walk = in front of Ichirikitei = walk = Gion Koubu Theater = walk = (walk while explaining the exterior), tour of Kenninji temple grounds, main hall, Wind and Thunder Gods, Cloud and Dragon Screens, Tide Garden, Souryuuzu = walk = 12:00 Taotei (lunch at Gion Taotei) = disband: Gion Taotei

Time Required

3.5 hours

Min. # of Participants per Party

1 people

Min. # of Participants

4 people

Max. # of Participants

20 people

Closing Date

2 weeks before 18:00,enquiries required

Supported Languages


(schedule to be confirmed)

English, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Hebrew, German, Spanish, French, Thai

Necessary when making a reservation

(1) Date of implementation

 (2) Desired time 

(3) Participant's name 

(4) Contact details 

(5) Number of participants

Cancellation Fees

Free cancellation within 72 hours of booking.

3 days to 1 day before the experience date: 20%; on the day: 50 50%. No-show or after the trip has started: 100%.

Meeting Place & Time

Keihan Gion Shijo ticket gate

Google MAP

10:00 ( start time can be adjusted.)

Other (Notes)

If you have any allergies, please inform us at the time of booking.

This tour is intended for primary school students and above. Each guest under juniorhighschool age must be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

Please take care not to disturb other pedestrians by spreading out and walking. The eventwill be held rain or shine. The event will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather,suchas when warnings or advisories are issued. In the event of cancellation, we will inform youby 8pm the night before the start time. Please wear comfortable walking clothes and shoes.No parking is available. Please come by public transport.

Photo Galley

 #1 In the precincts of Kennin-ji Temple 

While touring the grounds of Kennin-ji Temple, we will explain the history of Kennin-ji Temple and the characteristics of Zen temples. Another highlight is the presence of many pines and tea trees (green tea and the Rinzai sect of Buddhism are closely related), which symbolize the spirit of Zen.


#2 At the main hall 

We will provide explanations while looking at the folding screen depicting the wind and thunder gods, the cloud dragon diagram, the sound garden, etc. By deepening your knowledge, you can enjoy Japanese art more deeply.


#3 At the Dharma Hall 

Take a look at the spectacular Ssangyong diagram. We will also explain anecdotes related to the main image of Shakyamuni Buddha.

#4 Free time

 Feel free to enjoy the grounds of Kenninji to your heart's content, which will become even more enjoyable as you get to know more about it.

 #5 Blissful Chinese cuisine in a 100-year-old machiya townhouse in Gion, Kyoto

Diagonally across from the Gion Koubu singing and dancing stage, this teahouse was opened in 1917, and when you pass through the lattice door at the entrance, you will find yourself in a space loved by literary giant Junichiro Tanizaki. 

The former teahouse building is over 100 years old and has been preserved in its original form with as few alterations as possible. The quintessence of Chinese cuisine is served here at Gion Taotei, which retains the unique design of the old people's wisdom hidden in each room of the teahouse, such as the bamboo arbor,Kyoto latticework and tsuboniwa garden. Enjoy the depth of the ancient capital ofGion and the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine with a sense of Kyoto's four seasons.




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